Thursday, December 20, 2001


We have finally moved out of the house after days and days of arduous packing. I wish I could say I was nostalgic and sad, which I should be since I love the house and it's the best place on earth, but recent events with the buyer has made me want to leave as soon as possible so that I am as far and as uncontactable as possible. Does that make sense?

Well, anyway, she is a total bitca, if I've ever known one. The amount of crap she gives us about every conceivable thing under the sun is just too amazing for me to comprehend. How does one person have so much crap to dispense. The details of it are too complicated, so I shall try to sum it up.

Our lawyer here is a placid middle aged lady who has been given so much crap by the buyer that against her responsibility to be impartial, she told us that it would be much better for her to sell the house to someone else. That's how bad she is. I pity the lawyer and my brother for having to deal with her. I now have had a taste of what that is like and I hate her more and more, especially for having subjected my poor brother to that.

So, we've moved out to our friend, Sharon's house. And she's thrilled to have us. Unfortunately, we've brought like ALL our luggage with us so we've cluttered her living room. We owe her yet another present for that.

Oh! In the frenzy of trying to rant about the buyer, I've forgotten about the great momentous occasion of Daniel graduating. He looked very very cool in his gown and a black suit. He, the one with minimum fashion direction, wanted to don the gown without a tie, which I refused to let him do. So we bought a uni tie (of which, he now has two since I bought him one LAST YEAR!!) and a tie pin to go with it. I must say, he looked VERY very spiffy in the attire. He also must have stopped traffic since he insisted on walking home after being dressed by the regalia shop (the gown people). Cool though, the gown billows.

The ceremony was ho-hum but I've decided that when I grow up, I would like to be vice chancellor because his gown had VERY VERY cool embroidery on it. Yeah, plus I'd like one of them mace things that the proctor of the school carries in.

Gilmore Girls is on now, so I'm going to stop here and maybe write more later.


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