Thursday, December 27, 2001

Soft Landing

Okay, it's not that I haven't written since I've left Melbourne. This is my 4th attempt at writing this entry and each time, something unforseen happens when I'm about to upload it and I lose the whole damn thing. So you can imagine how many times I've kicked and sworn at the computer. I'm sure if it had a face, it'd be smirking at me.

Anyway, I'm back, safe and sound in Singapore. The flight back was without incident except for the fact that as the plane thundered down the runway, the finality of my leaving Melbourne overwhelmed me and I cried into Daniel's shirt. We were in the emergency exit seats and had a stewardess sitting facing us in a jump seat. I'm guessing she must be rolling her eyes at yet another person who is afriad of flying, particularly after the Sept 11 thing. Well, this time she was wrong. Yeah, I was alright until that point, much of it due to the fact that GAP in duty free had a big sale and I bought T shirts from there for $10 each.

Whatever it is, I'm back in Singapore and the weather here is not as bad as I expected. Probably due to the fact that it has been raining alot (monsoon season). It's hasn't stopped raining since yesterday afternoon. So, my friend's garden resembles a padi field and the gale force winds made it impossible for me to walk home. I took 30 mins on a stretch that usually takes me 5 minutes. Not funny. Rain in Singapore is different from rain in Melbourne. It's true. Rain in Melbourne is sparse and far in between. It's quite hard to be soaked unless you're riding on a bike :), but here, running a metre from the shelter to the car will get your hair soaked right through.

Being back still seems rather unreal. I can't imagine that I'll be living here for the rest of my life hereon. I can't imagine that I'm not heading off again in February. I can't believe that I can't buy up the whole of Mango's winter collection which is by the way having a sale that starts at 9 tomorrow morning. Daniel says we're going, on his own volition. I neither cajoled nor coerced him, really.

One thing however that makes being here a whole lot more bearable and the one thing I missed the most when I was in Melboure (it IS NOT fishballs) is that I finally get to witness first hand my nephew, Bruce doing funny things. Also, there's his sister, Beth, that is to be my god-daughter come Sunday. For now, Bruce is funnier than his sister because he's 3 and has fuzzy logic. He spells taxi as t-a-- C. That's because ta is (/tare/ this isn't phonetics by the way) and C is well, C. So yeah. It was also very funny when he demanded to have some of the red wine that the rest of us were drinking. So my brother, his father went to the kitchen and filled a wine glass with Ribena and gave it to him. He then proceeded to ask Bruce what it tasted like and was told it tasted like Ribena. Thank goodness he didn't put two and two together or we might have had to give Bruce real wine. However, now, he thinks that red wine tastes like ribena and will get a rude shock when he has his first real glass of wine of takes holy communion port. That will be funny. :)

The gale force wind is on the news now, it's apparently 35 knots and for the first time, flights aren't taking off or landing in Singapore. You can never be too safe I guess. I'm quite sure turbulence must be quite a thing now, and those "put your film in this bag and we'll develop it for you" bags that they have on the plane are much used and it isn't for film.

Anyway, it's time to go clear up my room somemore. I'm still living out of my suitcase and the 400kgs of stuff arrived yesterday so there is more stuff downstairs to be brought up. :)It's going to take quite a while, but my Dad is rather anal, and demands that it be done as soon as possible because he cannot bare to see a bit of anything out of place. He hates stepping into my room because it looks like a landmine went off in it. That's according to him that is, I think it's perfectly fine-but then again, I lived with Dan for the whole year. Hee. :)

Tomorrow, I go for my first interview for a relief teaching job. I don't think it'll be that hard to get, especially now that I've got my transcript to say that I REALLY have a good honours degree. That transcript cost me $20 and it had 2 sentences on it. Dan's one was free and it had 3 pages of results. Bah!

Ok, I'm going to try and upload this now. Let's hope this time it works. Dumb computer. *mutter mutter*

Later now

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