Thursday, April 08, 2004

i pray god all englishwomen are not now of your manly ilk...: "
>Dangerous men? Why captain, you have no idea.
>Which Extraordinary Gentleman are you?

It is unlikely that any portrait will ever do
Desire justice, since to see her (or him) is to
love him (or her), passionately, painfully, and
to the exclusion of all else.

Desire smiles in brief flashes, like sunlight
glinting from a knife-edge. And there is much
else that is knife-like about Desire.

Never a possession, always the possessor, with skin
as pale as smoke, and eyes tawny and sharp as
yellow wine: Desire is everything you have ever
wanted. Whoever you are. Whatever you are.

(descriptions and pictures copied from

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Ah... Also my favourite shade of lip colour from MAC

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