Thursday, April 08, 2004


My 24 hours are almost up so here's an update of the things I've done today.

1. I went to church. Praise the Lord! Heh.
2. I popped by to see my parents and hung out with the nephew and the niece.
3. I cut my toe nails, but also picked at the giant blisters I got from all the running.
4. My headache is gone although we might see a repeat appearance tomorrow morning
5. Well, I'm kinda rested but...

What I did not do.
1. Marking
Tonight, I shall attempt to do some of the marking I really really need to do. Felt guilty when a friend of ours said that her sister woke up at 4 am to mark. Made me think I should be working that hard. Maybe tonight. We'll see.
2. Shopping
And I think that is a good thing considering I don't have much money and we have an expensive trip to Canada coming up.
3. The facial because I woke up at 10 and we had to be out of the house by 11.
4. The running because we went to church instead.
5. Visit Dan's parents- they're not going to be home so maybe later in the week.

Today was the first time I've gone to church since I've come back from Stuttgart. The pastor took 10 minutes to make announcements and his sermon began when the service in the sanctuary ended (there are two services going on concurrently- the traditional and the prayer and praise). Logic would have it that the traditional service would be more litigious but no...

The sermon was about how God was a jealous God and the pastor at some point started talking about how he frowned on his wife showing too much flesh and implied that young people today dressed too revealingly. Hmmm. This man comes from the same school that my mother comes from. My mother frowns upon me wearing tank tops to church. She is of the generation that created the idea of the Sunday Best. Well, good for them but for me, as long as I'm decently dressed and not melting into a puddle of goo from the heat, I think I'm good and I think God understands that the heat is a formidable force in our sunny island of Singapore.

Yuck. The house smells of fried fish so it's my cue for me to take my leave.

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