Thursday, April 08, 2004

Warning Signals

You know you're tired when you put on sun bloc at 1.52 in the morning.

You know you're in trouble when you start teaching on Monday morning and you haven't the faintest ideas what to teach.

You know it's time to panic when your record book is due in on Friday and you're expected to have marked 6 assignments for each of the 3 classes in Term 1 and you have 3 piles of comprehensions hiding in your Stila-homework bag

You know you need a three day weekend when you finish work at half eleven on Friday night and are out the door 8 am Saturday morning.

You know something is severly wrong when you're looking at shoes which are half off and you turn around and walk away.

You know you need to move countries when al fresco socialising requires typhoon fans and constant trips to the washroom because THEY are airconditioned.

You know you're meant for a life of tai tai dom when breakfast at the Tiffin Room at the Raffles appeals to you.

You know it's time for bed when it take 5 minutes to complete a sentence.

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