Thursday, July 27, 2006

Choice words

Tym and I have been in a strange mood. She summed it up very nicely this morning by saying that she was "vibrating at a low frequency"- a seldom quoted reference to Summer in the O.C. And based on the theory, when you vibrate at a particular frequency, you attract like minded people, i.e. me.

Kirsten: Vibrating at a high frequency?
Summer: Lynn Grabhorn, Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting. Human beings have an electrochemical currency running through us, which is affected by our emotions. When you are feeling happy or joyful, that current or energy is vibrating at higher frequency than when you are feeling sad or angry at, let's say, Seth Cohen. When you're vibrating at a higher frequency, the more likely you are to attract happy people than when you are vibrating at a low, sad, bitter-at-Cohen frequency. It's the law of attraction in physics.
"The Distance", The O.C.
First used by Tym last year.

So we've been whinging to one another online with grumpy IM messages that are generously sprinkled strange onomatopoeias. For the literarily ignorant, they are words that imitate the sound that is associated with the object or action that is being described. :)

A regular conversation from the last two days goes something like this.

Tym: My glasses broke this morning.
Tym: Poo. *
Ondine: Oh! Boo**.
Tym: I hate work!
Ondine: I want to quit! Bah!
Tym: Pah!
Ondine and Tym (together):P/Boo.

And so it goes.

Of course, there's also Olie who, while not grumpy, has some effective onomatopoeias of her own.
Ondine: I need to go get ready for my interview.
Olie: Yes, must look presentable.
Ondine: Yes, I will. And I'll even brush my teeth.
Olie: Tsk***! That's expected.
Olie: Tsk tsk!!

It's not true that we have to be wordy to get our point across. We seem to have been able to communicate our frustration and great sense of ennui quite effectively without actually having to describe the dreadful malaise that is plaguing us because there really isn't a name for it.

Anyhow, whatever it is, I hope it passes. Time passes really slowly when one is in such a sullen and petulant mood and if I stay in this mood any longer, I'll have to make up more words.

Poo - according to Tym is a word used to replace fuck and shit and according to me, carries a sense of quiet desperation that the oft -used words do not even come close to expressing.

**Boo- according to me is used to replace How can??? but has less syllables and a sense of great forlorness to it.

***Tsk!- according to Olie is the sound she makes when what she really wants to say is How stupid are you?? But I'll leave her to corroborate that one.

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 20:47

3 thoughts...

3 thoughts...

At 11:10 am Blogger seriously! said...

I've been told I do the Tsk! even better in real life. The brows get knitted together and you wonder if there's a real lizard somewhere emitting that sound. Depending on how much I like you, the meaning of Tsk! ranges from 'Oh come on!' to 'How stupid are you?' to 'How BLOODY STUPID are you?!?!?!'

So yes, now, you have the official definition of Tsk! from Olie. Also feel free to consult her about spelling of words such as 'onomatopoeia'! :p

At 2:11 am Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Well, would it excite you if I told you I have found Passionfruit Margaritas???

Oh wait, or was it Cranberry you were looking for... same round fruit thingy...

At 5:37 pm Blogger Ondine said...

It was Cranberry but I'm game to try the passionfruit one! I like passionfruit too. Where where where?


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