Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bite Me

I bit into a plum this morning and a little bit of my lower front too came off. Darn. I feel so insecure now, like the rest of my tooth is going to crumble away and biting into a chicken wing feels like such a hazardous mission. The earliest I can get this done is Friday morning. So, till then I'm going to be very careful about what I sink my teeth into.

Two more days of school before the holidays although it's not going to be much of one. I'm inundated by marking, term reports, exam setting type rubbish. Gone are my grand plans to actually get out of the country during the week's break. Well, it's that plus a big phone bill that came for me yesterday. So big that M1 is offering me $100 worth of free mobile phone IDD cards. Yurp. Me and my phone habits propped up M1's profit margins for the month of February.

Not typing straight now. Took a nap and in dire need of going back to sleep but have got tuition in a while.


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3 thoughts...

3 thoughts...

At 10:58 pm Blogger Tym said...

Take good care of your tooth!

And, er, can you resell the M1 cards and 'offset' some of your phone bill? :)

At 5:49 pm Blogger wahj said...

You know, my front tooth got chipped exactly the same way some years ago - it was a preserved plum, but the same thing happened -I bit into it, and a bit of my tooth broke off,

At 10:08 pm Blogger Lichanos said...

If you are qualified, you can join my Dental Hell Club. You must undergo prolonged, painful, and expensive dental work. We are a select group. By the way, I had an accident when I was a boy that resulted in my losing many front teeth. Since then, dreams about crumbling teeth have been an unpleasant recurrence. I think they're pretty common, though.


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