Thursday, February 24, 2005


There is sound! When I try to talk today, there are squeaks. Some semblance of sound! As opposed to yesterday where there was only heavy breathing that could be so badly misconstrued.

Feeling all sorts of guilt for ditching school. In all fairness, I did try to go in yesterday but got chased home. A teacher without a voice is no teacher at all. I finally decided to go see the doctor and it was pleasant for a change. The doctor was my mom's friend's son that I had met at 15. He was in university then and at that point in time, I was very taken by him. I mean how many uni students, a med student from some royal surgeon college place, would take time out and talk to a 15 year old kid. And I was pleased to discover he was still a nice guy and took the time to talk to both Dan and I about how our jobs are indeed stressful and the constant falling ill is indicative of doing too much. No shit. But it was nice to hear a doctor reconfirm it and to be reassured that it wasn't just plain whining on our part.

I am stupidly eager to get back into things though. I feel totally contrite for leaving my classes for 3 weeks and counting. I'm supposed to only go back on Monday but I'm not sure. I might head in tomorrow. It's not too long a day and I can threaten them with their booty of chocolates hang in delicate balance. Just looking at the schedule for the rest of the semester is slightly mindboggling. In April, I'm off again for a week! Argh! To do MORE planning. The most horrid thing about going away for any amount of time is the amount of forward planning necessary.

Anyway, it's time to go in search of food, medication and some respite for my clogged up nose.

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