Friday, September 03, 2004


This just came over SMS

Mom: Trying 2 send U a messer how's this?
Me: You very free ah? Not bad for a first try. Keep at it!
Mom: New toy!
Me: You go girl!
Mom: You also free ah?
Me: No, marking. But mommy ka cho* me!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, my mother has discovered the world of SMS! All the world cower and shudder!

* Ka Cho- dialect for disturb and pester.
**Apparently, ka cho is not dialect but malay according to Mr Brown but according to my sms-ing mom, ka cho is straits malay, spoken by the Peranakans who campur-ed (mixed) their dialects and malay together. She also said that the true Peranakan pronounced it as ka cho and the cheena derivative of it was kah chiau which allowed the atas (snooty) Peranakan to tell a true straits Malay from a poseur one. Whatever. :)

Ondine tossed this thought in at 11:46

2 thoughts...

2 thoughts...

At 5:55 pm Blogger Mr Miyagi said...

And the Cheena-Contract say 'Kuay Too Putt' for Ketupat.

At 4:06 pm Blogger restlessly said...

Well.. actually both MrBrown and your mom is right. It's "kacau" in Malay but the peranakans pronounce is as "ka-cho".

Got to your blog via MrBrown's blog. I quite like it, will be back to read more.


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