Monday, October 03, 2005

Early Morning Quiet

I've always been a morning person. I work better in the mornings and I am more able to get up to work then than to stay up late into the night. The last few mornings have been extremely early ones, with reports to rush. It never just stops at the grading of papers. After the grading, there're the reports and after the reports, there's the post mortems and after that, there'll be more grading to make sure that they read the reports and listened at the post mortem. It's vicious and never ending.

One good thing about having to get into college extremely early this morning was that the roads were extremely empty and seeing the sky change while you're on the Sheares Bridge, just puts one into a calm serene mood. Very pleasant.

Of course, it didn't last that long because the grades came in today and they were truly abysmal, abominable, atrocious, crummy, down right the pits. It really wouldn't matter if I had tossed the papers up in the air and given them an arbitary grade.

So, I'm annoyed as hell. Plus I'm having to wear glasses this entire week. The evil eye will be working full time this week.

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