Friday, April 15, 2005

First Mums

We did the unthinkable last night. We actually watched First Mums, yet another attempt by the government to get us to procreate. Some bits were actually funny but it really could not make up for the fact that it was a shameless propaganda ploy. You have one of the 'mums', desperate to have kids she is resorting to IVF say in the face of well justified doubts and reservations of her husband- " I already have the 5 C's. Cash- Check! Credit Cards- Check! Car- Check! But kids- No Check!" How more blatant can the government actually get! Seriously, kids are not a commodity to be attained or a trophy to be collected. I am reminded of the trailers to Everybody Loves Raymond on Star TV

Marie: "Don't make me a trophy wife!"
Frank: "What contest in hell did I win??!" That cracked me up, so much!

Anyway, I digress.

When are they going to figure that this isn't going to make me want to have kids? We've talked about this in class a lot. My kids think that since the government has made it so easy to have kids, I shouldn't really have much hesitation. It's taken a lot to put it across to them that it's a personal decision and nothing the government does or say will change that or make me have kids any sooner. I never want to be in the position where when my child asks why I had him or her, the answer would be because the cash incentives were good. The poor kid would be in therapy till he turns 50.

I was born the third child to the family in a time where people were penalised for having more than 2 children. So my parents didn't care two hoots about what the government thought and I shouldn't either. I'm really puzzled as to who is really going to go out there and procreate just because they watched First Mums last night. No doubt, anyone who gets pregnant during the time that the show is being aired will automatically have their pregnancy attributed to the wonderful drama about the joys of motherhood. *gag*

Incidentally, talking about names that playground bullies will mercifully take a part the other day, along the lines of Raffles Napoleon Tan (Real name, I swear!), I thought Tanisha Tan was a funny name which Dan of course disapproved of immediately, egging me to further destroy the possibility of naming any of our children that by declaring that she would be Tanisha Tan Ting Tong. But my perennial favourite is still Darjeeling Tan Oo Long. Just so that I give Dan an aneurysm.

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4 thoughts...

4 thoughts...

At 11:03 pm Blogger J. said...

y'all are scary. -giggling-

see, the problem is, ang moh names like Raffles and Napoleon -giggle- do not go well with your standard range of Chinese last names. i was trying them out yesterday, while standing in a bookstore (bad idea), which reduced my friend and i to giggles and tears.

my poor child is eventually going to have the most BORING name in the world. :)

At 8:56 pm Blogger Merenwen said...

Ha, I was discussing kids' names with my boyfriend a while back, and because he likes to play mahjong, I suggested him calling his kids "Huat Chai", "Ang Tiong", and "Beh Bein". We laughed our arses off.

But of course, no way in hell are we giving our kids such names.

At 9:57 pm Blogger Yuhui said...

Darjeeling Tan Oo Long

Lucky your surname isn't "Teh".

At 10:13 pm Blogger Ondine said...

I should be so lucky. :)


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