Thursday, October 21, 2004

Girl Interrupted

This is the fourth time I've opened the page to try and blog and once again, I'm called away..

So much going on now in school and this is after the torturous 11 days of marking 150 essays. Suddenly, you're the course counsellor- to drop subjects or to stick with that. Unfortunately, the people who are required to drop subjects, having too much on their plate, refuse to admit that they can't handle it and want to stick to it, even though their math grades or whatever are about equivalent to their age. And the people who are asking to dump one don't really need to, are quite capable of doing well sticking to what they have, but are reluctant to because it gives them a whole lot of free time with one less subject. Hmmmm...

I fell into the latter category when I was faced with such a decision and I chose to drop Math. Something I still regret now because it was such a short sighted decision I am ashamed to say I made it then. And the reasoon behind it, I didn't want to spend my holidays studying for a supplementary exam.

That's the gist of what I've been doing the last few days. I've also been writing exam reports and telling classes of students off for performing dismally in their exams. At least I just yelled at them, and I didn't do the whole emotional blackmail thing of sobbing and blaming myself as a teacher for their terrible results. Some teachers have done that, but students grow immune to teachers' tears.

I haven't yet ever cried in class, on purpose or provoked. I've lost it, many times, yell at them, swear at them as if they were in the army, but never resorted to boo hoo hooing.

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