Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Getting lucky

I bemoaned sometime back that I never won when I entered lucky draw contests. Before I got married and when my reading material consisted of Martha Stewart Weddings, Female and Her World Brides, I would conscientiously cut out all the coupons, in the hope that I'd win, anything from wedding rings (which we'd already custom made and ordered) to free mattresses (also bought, bought even before we had anywhere to put the bed!). And I never won. Yes, I'm quite a loser, with the capital L. I am a perpetual optimist and I live in hope.

Sometime back, we went to see The Devil Wears Prada. I insisted that we go with friends because I'd seen that one of the movie houses had a lucky draw contest where you stood to win The Devil Wears Prada memorabilia. And I lived in the vain hope that this might be the contest to turn my luck.

The truth is, since I saw the movie and was totally awed by the clothes and ditzily enamoured by the glitz and glamour, that I'd forgotten that I had actually entered the contest until I receive this email from a strange person called the Contestmaster. The nice Contestmaster informs me that my stars were in alignment and I was in luck!


I smsed half the world (And from people I call my friends, I was called "DITZ", "BIMBO" "WAH LAU EH!" - although I don't think that was a name directed at me), bounced on the bed squealing and giving poor sleeping Packrat a big shock and twirled around in circles till I got dizzy and breathless. Then I came back to earth and whined very loudly about the fact that our printer doesn't work and the earliest I could collect my prize was yesterday.

I didn't even manage that. I went today, to Level 13. I wish I had had enough guts to photograph the Shaw office, but I was overawed and there was a security guard who stared menacingly at me. It was dark, it was somewhat cave-like, as if I had entered the bowels of another dimension where everyone spoke in hushed terms and top secret research was carried out there. Anyway, in the middle of the vast space that was the lobby, there was a marble desk with one lone lady. I present her my letter, she picks up the phone, calls the Contestmaster and says somewhat cryptically "Devilwearsprada" and hangs up.

As I wait for the Contestmaster to bring down my loot, I wonder if he remembers to bring down the right one. After all, the receptionist lady didn't specify that I had won the tier 1 contest and not the other. The difference being one LaRue Handbag. And that is a very big deal. The clever Contestmaster brings down both prizes and checks my letter to decide which I deserve. It takes all the grown up restraint in me not to tear open the goodie bag. I want to see the Notebook (not that I know what to do with it), I want to see the Mousepad (According to Packrat, the mouse I use doesn't work too well on mousepads), I want to know what a portfolio is (it comes in a spiffy black box and makes the goodie bag weigh a ton) and last but definitely not the least important, I want to see the bag!!!!!

But I have to wait. Because I have to go to the car, wrestle my way through traffic (although at each light, I run a finger along the goodies... It's oh so tempting!), get home, park the car, get into my house before I can open it. And let me just say, the ten minutes that it takes to leave Shaw and get home were one of the longest ten minutes of my life.

I'd already planned that I was going to blog about this but I was going to wait till I had some photographic evidence. So I laid everything out nicely to show everything I got and in all self-important glory, I photograph them for posterity.

The Devil Wears Prada

Check out the extremely cool red portfolio with a note pad and a ceramic pen. And the super cool-can wear in many different ways- handbag.

Prada Loot

All very good. Now, the only thing is that, now that I've used up my luck to win this, does it mean that I'll never get lucky again? I hope not. :)

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ooh is that the handbag? it's gorgeous. lucky you!


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