Saturday, July 24, 2004

I Am Now Allowed to Die

About 3 days ago, this was the conversation in the staff room.

Me:" Argh, my lymph nodes are swollen"
KW: " Ahhh, so you're coming down with something"
D: " You cannot get sick now! You cannot die before Saturday! If you want to die, you can die on Saturday night!"
KW: " Ah... and you must only die after you've left school, otherwise we must clean up and write report. Cannot."
Me: " What caring colleagues I have..."
Other colleague: "Ay, I'm going to buy flowers for Minister this afternoon. What flowers do you want on your Sunday funeral? I buy now, then no need to make two trips. Don't say I don't care..."
So, now, it's Saturday night, and officially, I am allowed to die now. We're done with the one event that's managed to ruin every one of my Saturdays since term began. Some things learnt from this experience.
  1. Some Powers that Be don't think it is appropriate to present a minister with flowers because the minister's a boy.
  2. According to the adjudicators, the debaters all speak in the same artificial manner and are rather like clones (I apologise to the rather nice debaters I know that read this blog)
  3. Glass noodles can go bad if left in the open for too long.
  4. You can fit 25 sambal fish balls into a styrofoam box
  5. Our minister of state for trade and industry and something else wears Hush Puppies socks
  6. There is protocol of who sits on the left and the right of the minister.
  7. Trying to figure out how Lee Hsien Yang's (second son of the illustrious Lee clan in Singapore) son would address one of the VIPs who is his father's elder brother's second wife's sister during a debate just makes your head hurt too much.
  8. When one has an over exaggerated and powerful expiration of air with every b and p , it causes the speakers to boom a split second later, rather loudly and distractedly to the kid's disbenefit.

So, it's over. As I was reminded, it's not the end for me yet because I still need to help pick the team for Calgary and go with them next February. Technically, I can't die yet, but since, in the capacity, I'm rather expendable, I think I might afford myself the luxury of doing so.


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