Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Ring

I think my television is possessed. Or spooked. Or haunted. Well, something unnatural. Thankfully, I'm discovering it in broad daylight. Had I discovered it last night when everyone else was asleep, I would have had a major wig out.

It comes on, on its own volition. And there's nothing on. It's just a snowy sandy screen. And it scrolls through all the channels on its own. The remote has no power over it. Pressing all the buttons, in all sorts of combinations made nothing happen except the channels to scroll even quicker. Switching it off at the television itself was no good either because it'd just hop back on and start off where it left off.

At that point, I decided to cut it off at the source. The main power. I'd decided if it could resurrect itself from there, I was going to take the kids and skedaddle outta there because that would just be messing with my mind a little bit too much. Thankfully it didn't manage to switch itself back on.

So, what was it?
  1. Was it possessed? And if so, possessed by what?
  2. Was the electromagnetic wave from my phone triggering it? (Coincidentally, the first and second time it came back on, there was a text message on my phone and I realised the tv just as I opened the messages)
  3. Was there a secret remote somewhere and one of the kids was activating it from their cot or downstairs or where ever it was?
  4. Was Packrat trying to make me think I was going crazy so that he could get me committed?
  5. Was it psychically connected to someone and every time that person blinked, the television came on? Like Phoebe in Friends could do?

    [Cut to Chandler and Joey’s, Joey and Phoebe are watching TV. The TV is turning off and on, and each time Phoebe is blinking her eyes like the Genie did. The switch obviously controls the outlet which the TV is plugged into.]

    Phoebe: See? I’m doing it. I am totally doing it. (Suddenly it stops working.) I lost it.
    The One with the Rugby Game
  6. Were there aliens trying to send messages through the black and white snow that I wasn't seeing and needed Jeff Goldblum's character in ID4 to decipher it?

  7. And if they were, were they trying to send messages to us or to each other to coordinate Armageddon on earth?
Thankfully, it was much simpler. I still don't know the cause of it but when we jiggled the power cable round a little bit, all normality was restored. And more importantly, I wasn't being haunted by Casper who wanted me out of the house and I wasn't going crazy.

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