Thursday, March 29, 2007

Taking it to a NEw level

I gasped when I saw this.


I know I teach in an educational institution. I know that we are told to infuse National Education into our teaching. I know that Singapore prides itself in being an IT hub and all that jazz. I know that Creative is Singapore's pride and joy.

But seriously, isn't this taking things a little bit too far? Is Sim Wong Hoo trying to win some National Day Gold Medallion thingyinmagig? Or was he put up to it? Or was this a mouse for special edition mouse for some perhaps the 40th National Day? Or was it a National Day gift to all Creative employees? Or part of the doggie bag for this year's parade? The cynical part of me hopes that it was a dare on the part of the Board of Directors but I'm not sure why and how it could be construed as funny since we are a society that doesn't really have that big a sense of humour.

So many questions. None answered.

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1 thoughts...

At 1:07 pm Blogger wahj said...

We're actually more restrained that other countries in ostentatious flag waving - the Americas stick their flag everywhere, and the Brits on anything.

The only difference is that its the people flaunting their flag, whereas in Singapore the flag is flown (as it were) only with express permission from the authorities.

It's not a bad thing - much of the flag waving that goes on in any country is simply obnoxious jingoism anyway - we just have awkward, state-sanctioned/mandated jingoism.


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