Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lynchable offences

Apparently, in prison, child molesters get really bad treatment because even in prison, there is a code. There is some comfort in knowing that, but not much. And it's one of my pet peeves, right up there with the drowning of the polar bears, any sort of animal abuse and a bunch of other injustices in the world.

So when we left CNN on last night for white noise and I happened to tune my ears into what was being reported, I was left hissy and wanting to throw bricks at the perpetrators. 2 kids, I call them kids because they're about the same age as the kids I teach, were teaching their toddler nephews how to smoke pot. And they videoed it and laughed about it. When arrested, their defence was "well, the kids are going to grow up smoking pot anyway". WTF? Of course they're growing up to smoke pot, it's been introduced into their system at 2 years of age! And the poor toddlers had obviously been given the pot before since they actually knew how to hold the cigar but ran off coughing and yelling "no more!" Reports also indicated that the toddlers were disoriented and seemed unable to keep themselves steady and on their feet. No shit.

It reminds me of how a friend regaled how she no longer wanted her child baby sat by her grandparents because the granddad had no qualms watching porn with the 3 year old in the same room. His defence, the child's too young to know what's going on anyway. Perhaps not at a conscious level that the child can articulate but children remember more than they're able to express.

And the greatest injustice? Because they are minors, they will be prosecuted as minors. Times like that, I wish there wasn't as much opposition as there is for corporal punishment because I'd really like to whip these kids. Strange though, I'm not a big proponent of using the cane on my own kids, but I have absolutely no qualms about using it on people like that. And oh, also people like the guy who tied up the husky to the fence and beat the crap out of the husky, fracturing its paw.


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1 thoughts...

At 11:18 am Blogger lakeside girl said...

After reading this, if i had a kid, i would have pulled him/her closer to me and hug them so tightly.

It's a fallen world out there.


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