Thursday, April 08, 2004

School loyalties

Hell hath no fury like a man wronged...

In all the time that I've known Dan, I've never seen him in a mood so foul and I feel bad for him.

I spent the drive in fantasizing about what I could do apart from letting the air out of the tires of her car and breaking her knee caps. By the time I got to school, I had come up with an elaborate plan about what to do. However, to execute it, would require breaking a couple of laws and jeopardizing our careers, so it shall stay a fantasy in my head. For now.

It's an unpleasant thing when you are wrongly accused and it's more unpleasant when you have some sort of allegiance to the place. I can only imagine the heart break that Dan must feel.

Although I am proud of my alma maters, it doesn't run through my veins like it does with these boys that come from schools with long standing traditions. My brothers are the same with their alma mater. They will undoubtedly send their children to their alma mater even if it means a considerable distance and ignoring the availability of better schools within close proximity of their homes. But this is something admirable and I wish I came from a school with long standing traditions as well. It's a wonderful thing to have, that loyalty.

But when it turns around and bites you, what do you do? Do you still stay loyal to the school because the school is much bigger than the petty bureaucrats that run them ? Or do you accept that the school is no longer what it was when you were there and turn your back to it? I wish I could say that we should all do the former. Ideally, yes. What you are loyal to is the ethos of the school and you stand by that. But if it means, your life is a living hell and you dread every single day of work? Is it worth it? Is the school worth being a martyr for?

That I really don't know.

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