Thursday, April 08, 2004

Flash Floods

It's happened again.

Round about Chinese New Year, it rained and did not stop raining for an entire week. For seven days, we did not see the sun. Same thing the last two days. Rain, rain, rain. So much rain that certain areas were not passable unless you had a three tonner. So much rain that I soaked one beautiful, tan pair of Mango shoes and one pair of sneakers. So much rain that my phone, in my back pocket got so wet, it decided to go on hands free mode until it dried out. This meant that I couldn't hear anyone who rang in unless I plugged in my hands free set that was in the car. Speaking of the car, that was flooded too. When I came back to the car after school, the windows on the inside were fogged out. For about ten seconds, I panicked, thinking that I left the demister or the engine running or something, enough to heat the car up to such an extent that the windows fogged on the inside.

When I realised that wasn't the case, I found an extremely soaked floor mate in the back seat with a pool of water forming round it. That was the excess water that could not be soaked into the floor mate. Extremely, extremely gross.

So, that was strange thing number one.

Strange thing number two was that Daniel was put in charge of a Scrabble Competition tomorrow. Well, that's not exactly the weird bit. The weird bit was that there is a Scrabble Association in Singapore and they loan out Scrabble sets to schools running these mind game things. Now, the strangest bit is that when we went to pick up the Scrabble sets that he needed, we realised the Scrabble Association wasn't exactly an association with an office, but more like an illicit business with a Mini-Mart as a front. No kidding. The address we were given led us into the heart of neighbourhood living in Singapore and more specifically, it led to a mini-mart that was rather messy. Most bizarre thing was, we were in the right place. The right place just didn't look like the right place.

So yes, strange.

Anyway, to all those people who have joined our Avenging Angels as coined by J to stand by Dan as he faces these horrendous trials and tribulations at school, a BIG THANK YOU. I think a better remedy for anger caused by such misguided accusations than being pissed off, is to have a whole bunch of i people who are filled with righteous indignation and pissed off on your behalf and are ready to scratch said bureaucrat's eyes out. As you can tell, most of the Avenging Angels are girls by their chosen form of attack. I would call them the YaYa sisters, but I know some really good guys who have been rocks too and it wouldn't be fair to insult their growly, knuckle cracking testosterone-ness by associating them with the Yaya sisters. Yaya! I love saying that! Blame Gilmore Girls. :) Yaya!

But seriously, I know I married a wonderful man, but to see so many people stand by him now has basically warmed the cockles of my heart. Oh my! I have no idea which part of my musty mind that phrase popped out from. It's been good to know that he hasn't been alone and wronged. When my parents heard about it- by great bionic eavesdropping skill I might add, as my father is officially and certified deaf and my mother sometimes doesn't even understand things when you tell it to her face- I got grilled about what he was doing wrong. If I were a dog, my heckles would be up and if I were a cat, my back arched and my tail all puffed up and I'd be spitting and hissing. I was close to that as it was, but since it was my hard of hearing Dad, to get pissed off at him would require the entire block hearing the uproar, I thought better of it.

Well, Dan's better now. He's had his epiphany and is more peaceful now. I hope for his sake that he's right just because it hurts too much to see his heart so broken at the plight and state of his alma mater. Maybe, just maybe, I was right, right from the beginning. That he was put there, for a reason, and that reason was to stem the tide.


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