Thursday, April 08, 2004

I Dream of Toorak

Toorak is where the yuppies in the beautiful cars and clothes hang out. There was once a jam factory there, long before I was and now, the Jam Factory is a cinema with Borders on the ground floor and some snazzy, funky shops.

Anyway, we used to go there alot to watch movies. We almost saw Nicole Kidman there once. She was there promoting that failure of a movie Eyes Wide Shut and when we got there, just to see a movie, we saw the red carpet and all these people crowding round. Unfortunately, she had gone out the back just as we had walked in the front, so no chance. Not that I'm a great Nicole Kidman fan. I like the way clothes hang on her- a fashionable walking clothes hanger, if you will.

I'd been thinking ALOT about Melbourne lately. About moving back there, how that's going to work, the logistics of it all. Logisitics always overwhelm me so this isn't much of a surprise. Some people thrive on handling logisitcs, so much so that there was actually a course offered at uni in the Business faculty called logistics. Mad people, these people, mad people.

Today's been a strange day. I was busy, doing nothing much in particular. Filling out claim forms for Stuttgart, handling administration for my debate kids, that sort of thing. The highlight of the day was going to lunch with my colleagues at the airport. It's always nice just to get out.

Unfortunately, Dan messages me while I'm out about the really rough day he had and how much life stinks and I spend some of the afternoon worrying till I go pick him up. Don't know about you, but I remember what it was like as a student, to be loathed by teachers, for no rhyme or reason.

There was this one particular Chinese language teacher who seemed very fond of picking on the athletes without even the least bit of antagonism. Anyway, she picked on me one day and accussed me of things that I could never imagine myself doing. She had also created witnesses that saw me do these alleged things among which were flirting and being rude to policemen. I was 14! I didn't know what flirting meant and I wasn't rude to any policeman. In fact, I don't recall any policeman. Anyway, the accusations were wild but they came from her, someone of authority and no matter how I knew she was wrong, I couldn't defend myself or do anything about it except feel very wrongly accused, indignant and hope that one day, I had enough power to spit on her and break her spindly little legs.

I don't know what became of her but I was made aware of the fact that people like her still exist and they torment not only students but people our age. For what reason they do so, is beyond us. Maybe they just don't like how we look, or something we said or the way we said it and for the rest of our lives, we're black listed. And they're in our schools, in high up positions, making our lives miserable, just as that Chinese teacher made my life miserable while I was still in school.

I can't do anything to help Dan, except be there for him and not give him any grief about anything. The man's got enough on his plate. I think someone's trying to tell us something about where Dan should be teaching elsewhere. Oh well, time to be obedient.

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