Saturday, April 10, 2004

Desperately Seeking Sleep

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Harry Potter Personality Quiz
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I think this is getting ridiculous but I'm oddly addicted


Now that I have a little bit of time, I'll fill in what I've done today. Currently waiting for Dan to get out of the toilet. We're supposed to be having dinner with the parentals. Fish head noodles (Can you say bleagh? ). As much as I wanted to eat yesterday, my appetite's disappeared again and fish head noodles don't even sound good in the minute when my tummy's yelling "FEED ME!". Having said that, we tried to go for high tea today. The operative term being tried . I think Singaporeans have little else to do on Saturday apart from shop and go for high tea. This conclusion although long been established was made crystal clear to me at 3 pm this afternoon.

I have a voucher for the Marriot Cafe. They serve high tea from 3 pm to 5.30 pm on Saturday afternoon at a hefty price of $27.95 +++. Since I had a voucher and Dan and I hadn't eaten anything the entire day, we thought it would be nice to go for high tea. It also takes care of dinner as well. There is nothing like having your first meal in the middle of the afternoon, with the proportions associated with high tea, to make you not think about dinner. Anyway, we browsed around in Borders till about 5 to 3 where Dan picks up 2 Pratchett books on offer and I, a novel set during the Japanese invasion of Nanking. For some reason, I wanted to buy Brighton Rock by Graham Greene but Dan said we could get it for less, so... Don't know why the sudden thirst to read. I think it was the excessively bad Waiting to Exhale that I could not get through in Stuttgart and the nights that I wished I had something else to read. So now I'm making up for it.

Just like I'm making up for all the sleep I haven't seemed to be getting. I fall asleep tired, I wake up tired and I spend the day in hazy fatigue. Dan's been feeling the same. I think the both of us have chronic fatigue syndrome.

Okay, just got the phone call about where dinner is. It is " at the last bus stop before the bus turns into the interchange, opposite the swimming pool and it serves the XO fish head thing" ...right... Can it be more vague? I guess we could go in search of the coffee shop that serves some fish thing somewhere in Singapore.

Will write more after the XO fish head thing.

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