Thursday, April 08, 2004

Birthday at McDonalds

A colleague of mine celebrated his birthday today. Strange that there were at least 3 birthdays that I knew of today. 2nd March...good day to be born? Bizarre. Anyway, because we were pressed for time, we ended up at MacDonald for lunch. It was nice though. There is nothing more cathartic than to be walking near the beach, in the middle of the afternoon, with only a smattering of people around, rollerblading or cycling badly. This one guy took longer to blade past us, who were walking on two regular feet. The ground kept hitting his knee and met his face a few times. I think all of us were ready to tell him to give it up and walk. It would be faster and less painful.

It's a strange sight to see 6 relatively well dressed people walk into McDonald's for lunch. Even more strange when two of the six people who are men, start talking about their circumcision experiences and memories. Excuse me while I cross my legs really tight.

There are just somethings you don't talk about.
1. Your circumcision experience.
2. Another being your antics in bed.
3. Sore nipples
4. Anything to do with body parts
5. Your partner's body
6. How much you earn
7. Whether you suspect if someone is pregnant? The biggest offence is when someone comes up to you and asks "When are you due?" - this has happened to me before and has sent me directly on a diet for days
8. Someone's sexual orientation, especially if you're not sure of it.

It's just common courtesy I think, that you don't violate someone's private space by speaking of matters that shouldn't concern others like the ordeal of circumcision. Too many visuals! Nooooo....

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