Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Of gloves, jackets and other inconsequential things.

While waiting for Obama to deliver his inaugural address, everyone we know is watching CNN the way people watch the red carpet of the Oscars. It's the political Oscars, every 4 years and this year is I guess akin to a Titanic year.

And like wannabe fashionistas feast their eyes on the gowns of the celebrities and criticize and comment on everything, we do the same thing with the politicians. This is the somewhat brainless random conversation between Tym and I on IM.

Pseudo Serious
Me: Apparently the crew of the Hudson flight was invited that is they're not busy suffering from
post traumatic stress
Tym: I was wondering if they might get a nod, esp the captain I can imagine Obama making a
phone call to commend him.
Me: Ala Jed Bartlett?

On Michelle Obama
Tym: Michelle Obama has GREEN GLOVES
I'm ... dismayed
Tym: WTF?!
Me: And her dress is a bit...
Tym: GREEN?! Maize- coloured?
Me: Scaly much?

On Dick Cheny
Tym: Why is the poor girl in white pushing the wheelchair?
No hunkier man available meh?
Me: Stupid man threw his back out moving boxes.
Oh well, gives new meaning to the term "lame duck"!

On Obama's fashion
Tym: Obama's tie is nice
Very hip
Me: Ummm... I approve.
Tym: I wonder if Obama is wearing long underwear and/or kevlar...

On the Bush Clan
Me: Bush's outer jacket is much thicker than Obama's.
Tym: Not young and vigourous like him mah.

Tym: The senior Bushes' purple scarves are quite something!
Me: So matching! Too matching.
His gloves are sticking out too 'fatly' from his pocket.

On the Presidential limousine
Me: The limos are damn ugly
Packrat (not Tym): They have to stop bullets.
Me: Kevlar is ugly.

On Invited Celebrities
Tym: John Cusack!
Me: Arnie!
Tym:Is Spielberg gay?
He likes those berets, which are kinda gay...

On some blonde kids walking out to their seats
Tym: I wonder who those little kids were
Me: Not Obama's kids
Tym: Too white. More like lost Kennedys.

On the Clintons
Me: The Clintons! He's got no gloves!
Tym: Maybe he's trying to be young and vigorous
Me: I think he looks a bit stoned.
Tym: Hee hee.. maybe he is!

Tym: Her coat makes her look fat!
Although the colour is lovely
Me: Ee yur, it's so high waisted!

Me: Don't you tell me what to do, Woman!
I've been here before.
(referring to Bill Clinton being briefed by the protocol officer)

Tym: Bill Clinton's white hair is quite nice
At least it's, uh, evenly white
Me: Yes, Snow white.
Hmmm... No Chelsea?

Tym: Ee yur, Hilary just gave Dubya a peck on the cheek!
I hope she has something to clean her lips with.

On the Marines on duty
Me: The poor Marines look frozen
Tym: It's ok. It proves the manhood.
Let me quote First Lady Santos who was like, "I have to stand there in the cold in

On the White House Movers
Me: Oooh! Shalom Movers!
Tym: Where?
Me: They only have 2 hours. I saw it on the West Wing.
Tym: Where Shalom movers?
Me: No lah! Bluff you.
Tym: Cheh! I thought Shalom was so famous!

On the Obama girls
Me and Tym synonymously: Oooh! Kidlets!
Me: Sasha's jacket is the same colour as Hilary's.
Tym: So cute
The orange is nice
Me: Sasha's very pretty
Me: She's taking photos?!
Tym: Maybe she'll upload it on FB!

Me: The girls look bored.
(During the Yoyo-Ma (Yoyoma! Channelling Donna from the West Wing) performance)
Tym: I think they are playing tiddlywinks or something.
Maybe they have Snap in their pockets.
Me: Happy Families!

On CNN's coverage
Me: Oh, stop with the cutting to the African Americans!
We know he's black!
Tym: You KNOW that's the brief the cameraman got.
Me: "Pan in on the blacks!"

I think we watch way too much West Wing.

Ok, the inaugural speech is happening and I need to listen to this. The ditz has left the building. Oh wait.


Ok, now she's left.

Re: speech- Can we all say GRAVITAS?

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