Sunday, January 18, 2009


Apparently, even the Chinese believe in voodoo and hexes. I was told today that someone I was very close to wasn't married because a curse had been put on him by a former girlfriend of his. It was along the lines of 'since she couldn't have him, no one could'. I wanted to laugh out loud but out of respect for this person who was suggesting it, I just nodded.

Obviously, I had to sit through and listen out for how to break it. The obvious way was to go to church and pray a counter pray for the curse to be broken. The second and more entertaining way was to buy a bunch of roses (must not be white) and run a bath and break in all the rose petals. Then get the cursed one to bathe in it. Once he has done that, to take the bath water and the rose petals and throw it out, far away.

I have images of driving a sloshing bucket of water to the ends of Singapore to dump it into the ocean. But then I also figured, I could drain it into jerry cans and seal it but there would be less authenticity. Anyway, whatever it is, it gives new meaning to throwing the baby out with the bath water.

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