Thursday, January 08, 2009


For the first time in more than 15 years, I have bangs. I never grew them out in school because of the rule where our fringe was not supposed to touch our eyebrow. Then I started dancing and bunning it all back was the way to go- try pirouetting with hair getting into your eyes. So my fringe has for as long as I can remember, been as long as the rest of my hair. It dragged my hair down and my hair was as limp as a dead french fry. And today, I decided it was enough.

But now, I'm not sure. Maybe I shouldn't have listened to my hairdresser when he suggested the fringe which was apparently all the rage in Japan (he was there over Christmas), though I can't blame the guy who's had banal, unoriginal instructions like "don't cut too much of my hair because I need to bun it" during my ballet days and more recently impossible ones like "make my hair look fuller" despite the post natal hormones causing me to do a Yul Brynner. Anyway, I let him have his way and give me a fringe and Packrat keeps calling me cute. I am not pleased. I was ok with something different but I really wasn't going for cute.

And now I worry, will I get breakouts on my forehead? What will happen when it grows over my eyes? Do I pin it, flop it, wax it or cut it? Will my kids freak out? I'm still freaking out a little bit but Packrat reminds me that it'll grow back. I guess so, but till then, I'll look like a 16 year old mushroom head.

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