Monday, August 10, 2009

The true Singaporean

Shell Singapore had a one hour National Day offer today where between the hours of 4 and 5 pm, fuel was $0.44 less per litre. Which is alot.

Since our tank was veering on empty, we decided to brave the crowds. And as with any sort of good deal, everyone and their cat was there and that included some people who shouldn't be allowed to exist.

Obviously, a long queue had developed. Obviously, everyone was impatient. Some wanted to get home to the parade, some wanted to get on with their day, some just hated queuing. But for most, that impatience was reigned in by common courtesy where we obediently wanted our turn to get to the pumps. And it really wasn't that fuel was going to run out today.

Which must have been what this stiletto totting, Lexus driving tai tai was thinking. So despite the queue, despite all the angry and loud insults hurled at her, despite being told off by the station attendants that she should have waited her turn rather than cut ahead of twenty cars, she insisted on having her tank filled up, without a stitch of remorse, embarrassment or acknowledgement that she had just done something jaw-droppingly stupid.

Out whipped at least 100 mobile phone cameras, including Packrat's and still no sense of humility. It was a wonder the crowd did not get riotous and set her car on fire and turn it upside down. Perhaps they worried then, they wouldn't get fuel either way.

But whatever it is, I hope she gets some sort of come-uppance because even I wanted to throw rocks at her car and the 20 cars she had cut in front of us didn't include ours and we were still, that incensed.

What a nice true blue Singaporean she is.

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