Thursday, July 02, 2009

More than meets the eye

We went to see Transformers 2 a few days ago. Someone gave us Gold Class tickets a few months back and we needed to use it up. So on the last day of its validity, we decided to use it on the only movie in Gold Class- Transformers 2. Of course, I didn't have high hopes for the movie. On top of that, Packrat didn't have high hopes. At least we got plush arm chairs and relax in for 148 minutes, we consoled ourselves.

But as with situations where there are zero or half star expectations, it shines through. Although it was not as good as the first, according to Packrat, I think I had a lot more fun with it. It probably had to do with 2 different factors. First, it had way more military stuff and growing up with 2 brothers and doing the Soviet-US arms race as part of my college history syllabus has made me a girl full of contradictions. Second, related to the first, is that I didn't have to bother about canon and about the fact that Optimus Prime was ruthless in the movie in a way he never was in the cartoon. When I just shrugged my shoulders at this comment, I received a loud 'tsk' from Packrat as well as a "why were you not paying attention as a child?" What really did me in was when I referred to the Constructicons as Constructobots.

My defence to the dagger stares was that I did not watch Transformers growing up as I was busy with Barbie Dolls and all things girl. Neither did I watch Mask Crusaders and Robotech or whatever else. I know of them and to me, that's enough. When I ask Packrat to name Barbie Dolls from our time, he can't, so I guess I'm still one up on him.

And all that allows me to be not so particular about movies because I have no frame of reference. Does it make me a ditz? Well, maybe. But a ditz who appreciates a movie because of the amount of military hardware is well, better than a ditz who swoons over Shia LeBeouf anytime. Well, in my book anyway.

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