Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Twin cities of Singapore


I found this map on Google Analytics and it tickled me funny. The map shows the number of hits that come from Singapore. In this case, 38. And when the Singapore hyperlink is clicked on, it breaks it down into 37 PLUS 1.

The big orange dot in the middle is where the 37 hits are centred. Then if you look carefully up north, there's a tiny dot there. That's the one. Run the cursor over it and it tells you it's a different city and that city is Woodlands.

So, Google Analytics reads Singapore and Woodlands as different cities. Sengkang and Punggol are ok. So's Jurong West. It's just Woodlands.

I have friends who live in Woodlands and they affectionately call themselves residents of Northern Siberia. Olie quips that they are self sufficient and they actually have a Starbucks and a post office.

I couldn't live there. It's too far from anything. And even though it's a self-contained bubble, it feels like a long commute to head into the other city of Singapore where everyone else lives. I wonder if they have their own area code. :)

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