Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Creatures of the night

Packrat bought a PS 3 recently, much to my dismay. I recall nights of going to bed alone, getting monosyllabic replies, basically more of what I've had to endure with the various computer games he plays. And he wonders why I've been annoyed enough in my sleep to fling pillows at him and the dastardly game machine.

Anyway, the only way he could possibly redeem himself was to find something I could play on it, because then, I couldn't be all that mad with him if I could play on it too. The trick was to find something I did play on it because in all our ten years of together, there'd been only one game that I had played on the Playstation. Super Puzzle Fighter.

But since his ability to play in peace depended on it, the boy managed to unearth it, buy it over the PS 3 network and load it up. And last night, after the twins went to bed and all our grown up chores were done, we sat on the bed, eye-balled one another and set out to decimate each other by unloading the destruction of huge gems onto one another.

Obviously, he is better at it than I am. All his years of gaming have taught his fingers to work on the controller at speeds that my fingers could not fathom. It was like a sprinter with fast-twitch muscles thundering down the track with a marathoner beside him, depserately trying to keep up but not knowing what muscles to make his legs go faster.

We stopped round about midnight only because I was tired to begin with after the day that I had and was basically committing puzzle suicide. But for half an hour, we weren't parents, we weren't adults with jobs, we weren't living with my husband's parents. We were in Melbourne, we were on our living room floor, we were telling each other to 'eat dirt'. Basically, we were being kids.

And that was great.

Tonight, there will be a rematch.

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