Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ice Cream nights

Since the kids came, we've eaten a lot of ice cream. It's been our way of bleeding off the stress, taking some time out and indulging in something sinful. Sneaking out for ice-cream was the ideal way to do that because there're quite a few ice cream places near us, an ice-cream duck out doesn't take that long (usually the length it takes to finish up the ice-cream) and they are open late.

So because of that, we've become veritable connoisseurs of ice cream. We have favourites. There are more than the 3 places we like but we like these 3 for various reasons. It's not really in order of preference. It's more in order of the frequency of us going there which has less to do with quality but more to do with the hours it stays open. That said, they are all yummy.

1. Haato at Ridgewood
Our oft visited joint. Mainly because it's the nearest ( a two-minute drive and Mr and Mrs Plentyfish live there), has got wifi, board games, yummy waffles and to die for sorbets. The gelato is ho-hum, nothing fantastic but the sorbets are super yum. I rediscovered my love for lychee because of their lychee sorbets which is divine and most yummilicious when mixed with Sprite. They also have yuzu sorbet and the most recent scrumptilicious one was pear sorbet. It's nice to just sit and chill there because it's by a pool (of the condo) and Packrat and I sometimes just sit and conversation flows very easily there.

2. The Daily Scoop.
Set up by a friend's friend and run by Packrat's ex-classmate, this place has the best ice-cream. Not low-fat gelato stuff but real ice cream and they mix it in a pan in front of you. It was one of the first places that started moving away from traditional ice cream flavours and experimenting with things like Honey Fig Butterscotch, Cempadak and Xtra Stout. The only problem is that it closes early and has become extremely crowded since a provision store sized Cold Storage opened in the same building. But when we get the opportunity to, we like going there. Yummy chocolate dipped waffle cones and a walk round Sunset Way estate is always great. We like fantasising about being able to afford a place there.

3. Ice Cream Chefs
Our least visited by virtue of the fact that we live on the other side of the island and we're hardly on that side of the island without the twins. Perhaps when the twins are older, it shall be somewhere to go to with them. When we were in Perth a few years ago, we were brought to this place called Cold Rock where they mix ice cream with what ever you want on a well, cold rock. It was awesome. Cold Rock made it to Singapore but the ice cream they used sucked. At round about the same time, Ice Cream Chefs opened, with the same concept but with home made ice cream and mix ins. So, it was a combination of Cold Rock and The Daily Scoop for us. Packrat had peanut butterscotch with peanut butter and nutella mixed in the first time we went there. That pretty much cancelled out conversation for us because his mouth was glued shut. They also did an awesome Granny Smith Apple pie ice cream and a Kaya roti ice cream with real bits of kaya toast in it. But it's a tiny hole in a wall and the only time we have been able to go there is Sunday evening which means we can't get a seat. But we've had the privilege of being at a birthday party where they were making ice cream shots for the kids. The adults had fun too.
Sigh, I need to go back there.

So all in, these are our favourite dessert stops. It's a wonder we're not larger than we are what with the number of times we go for ice cream just so that we can get some air. And right now, I'm dreaming of pear sorbet blended with apple juice and kiwi fruit. Hmm, a project for the Easter weekend.

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