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Thio Li- Ann Cancels Teaching Stint at NYU

So sayeth the Straits Times.

As with all in her family, she takes the high horse and claims to be "deeply offended" by the NYU faculty which has called her views on homosexuality "intolerant" and "reprehensible".

All I can say is that it is an embarrassment that she's had to travel half way across the world to get metaphorically egged for her views.

Of course, there is also the paradox of free speech to take into consideration. Free speech means having the space to stand for particular views. Unfortunately the extreme liberalists would then claim that any view against free speech or expression should shouted down. But by doing that, free speech and expression is trampled upon and it then begins to resemble Singapore more than the USA. Because of that, I feel a little bit sorry for her.

But that's all I feel. I can't be all that sympathetic because I cannot help but feel that at least someone's managed to force her into a corner and acknowledge that her come-uppance has come a collecting. That when I feel like a child and would like the stand, flapping my arms and yelling "orh-bee-good" (Serves you right!) .

What would however been amusingly ideal would have been if she had the guts enough to tough it out and appear to class on the first day of the semester. And this was just to realise that her poorly subscribed course with only 6 students comprised of 3 gay students and 3 lesbian students all ready to give her hell on earth and chase her out of class. Of course, being out of her depth, she would rely on old tricks to get her through.

Pulling rank: "Don't you know that I'm the Global Visiting Professor from the very famed National University of Singapore?"

Pulling connections:" You have got to listen to me and respect me. I am the daughter Thio Su-Mein, the Feminist Mentor of Singapore"

Pulling evidence: "If you don't believe me, you can take a look at pg 73!

And it would be at this point where the mob of 6 look downright threatening that she loudly orders "Shut Up or Sit down!".

That would be quite a sight.

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