Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mac Girl

Although I'm married to a PC geek, I'm turning out to be a Mac Girl. Once I got tired of using Packrat's toss outs and decided to buy myself my own lap top, the one I got was the pretty, aluminium one with a half eaten apple on the top. Even though the learning curve was steep, I decided I liked it. Packrat tolerated the fact that I was using the the Mac even though it couldn't play DivX files on it and whatever other techno gargon rubbish he wanted to run on it. In a way, that was good. It meant he couldn't clutter my lap top the way his own desk top was cluttered. The one thing I did that appeased him was that I insisted on using a Razer mouse rather than a nanny-pussy Mac mouse that couldn't do very much. That gave me some street cred.

And then a few days ago, I receive a package from Amazon. The small little neat package was ubiquitous enough. The size and colour made wonder why Packrat bought me a Nintendo DS for me as a birthday present. Did he seriously think he was going to get away with buying me a DS so that he could play with it? Upon closer inspection, I discovered that he'd bought me an Ipod Touch. Not the Iphone because he knows how much I hate touch typing messages and how badly typo-ed my friends' SMSes to me are. He knows me well enough to know that much as I like the stuff the Ipod can do, I'd fling the Iphone against the nearest wall in a heartbeat if I couldn't get my SMSes out in 30 seconds.

So now I have an Ipod and a MacBook. I haven't had the frame of mind or inclination to load music onto the Ipod. He bought the Ipod so that about 6 months from now when I'm ensconed in hospital without much to do in between nursing a new born, I will have things to do and he's started making sure of that, loading e-books into the phone as well as addictive mindless games that I've spent hours playing. Add to that, the Ipod Touch does have wireless so I won't be that lost, if I could get a signal out.

So even though my husband is a PC geek, he loves me enough to know that I'm a girl, I like pretty and I don't appreciate super powered machines that have no aesthetic value. And he puts up with that and weathers through the tedium that is the Mac interface to load stuff onto the Ipod for me, just because he knows I'd like to have it.

Now, can any girl ask for anything more? I think not. :)

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1 thoughts...

At 12:58 pm Blogger Louis Tan said...

For playing videos, try installing Perian, which is a plugin that allows QuickTime to play pretty much anything you throw at it.

Alternatively, you can try VLC, a separate program that also pretty much plays anything, but I suspect you might prefer the earlier suggestion since it's more integrated with the Mac.


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