Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grand ol' Dame

Barbie celebrated her 50th birthday at the New York Fashion Week over the weekend. There were beautiful clothes as designers paid tribute to her and put their models in what would be beautiful Barbie wear. One problem with all that. The outfits, while being very very beautiful and humanly unwearable, were not what a fifty year old would wear, however coiffed and sophisticated she was. But I'm guessing stylish middle aged women aren't all that fun for couture designers. I'm also guessing if a 50 year old still had the vital statistics of Barbie, she would be wear impossible haute couture too and not modest knee length skirts and closed toed heels.

Having said that, my favourite Barbie shoes were her closed toed stilettos. And that was when I was 9. I'm keeping some of my Barbies so that Jordan can have them. I will need to remember to remind her though, that Barbie's impossibly small waist and legs that go on forever are unnatural and if a real person looked like that, she would fall down a lot.

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