Thursday, January 20, 2005

Misery Update

So I wasn't imagining the being sick. By the time I left school yesterday, going down the stairs hurt my hips, my knees and my ankles. When I stuck the thermometer into my mouth, it showed that I could fry an egg on my forehead and I passed out to Dan watching Fahrenheit 9/11. I told Dan a couple of days ago that I don't usually sleep in the afternoon and when I do, it usually means I'm pretty ill and I passed out for 3 hours yesterday afternoon and 2 hours this afternoon, waking up only because Dan coughed and I didn't know he was home. In my hazy state, I was trying to figure out whether there was an intruder coughing in my house.

The fever's not as bad today but I have few other symptoms. I have an itchy throat but that's it. It's strange because I usually get the works. Sore throat, running nose, cough...but this time's different. And usually my cold cycle is a six month one so this is an aberration of sorts.

The good thing is I could just get it out of the way for Calgary, I mean, I did get sick in Stuttgart and I don't particularly want to fall ill in Calgary. But seeing how this is so close to my last bout of being sick, I'm not even certain this guarantees anything.

Sigh, the fickleness that is the body's immune system.

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