Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Puberty Revisited

I'm breaking out like never before. Not even at the height of the chocolate and chip eating days of teenage yore. It's tragic. And on top of that, I dreamt that I was back in school and I was in Chinese class. Barely understanding what the teacher was saying. It didn't help that the teacher spoke like the teacher in Peanuts that in actual fact wasn't a real voice, but actually a trumpet. So even in my dreams, I'm bad at Chinese. Not good. And only at the end of the dream did I realise that I had in fact passed my AO Chinese a long time ago and didn't really need to sit through the whole thing. Talk about a waste of dream time.

So, the past is back to haunt me, in dreamscape as well as reality.

As long as I don't turn out like the plague erupted on my face, I'm none too concerned although I am toying with the idea of seeing a dermatologist.

All these things I can consider now because I'm on holiday! Finally. Not holiday like my mother is on holiday. She is on a cruise headed up to Alaska as we speak, without, in my opinion, sufficient thermal protection but then again who says we have to mother our mothers?

But the joy of being able to wake up when it's light and lounge around in my sleep clothes, have breakfast, read about Miss Canada winning Miss Universe- mentally make a note that I should keep my hiao like fishball niece away from that beauty pageant, for that matter- any beauty pageant for as long as possible- priceless. I do have to pepper it with the reality of getting through my final bit of marking for Friday but the end is near and I'm pleased.

Next week will be a sojourn into the neighbouring islands of Indonesia. We're heading out on a fishing boat this weekend. Something I haven't done since I was 21 and a whole different person. At that age, I hadn't developed the sense of being a girl yet. Physiologically and biologically, sure. But in all senses of the word, not so much. I didn't mind being dirty, having the feeling of diesel all over my face, not bathing for 48 hours, all fine with me. Now? I bathe twice a day and that's in civilisation, I go for facials - which I need to go for again to keep this breakout under check-, I shop and even my slippers have heels. Yup. A girl, much to the disapproval of Plentyfish who is organising this fishing trip.

That's this weekend and it's followed by a few days with the family on yet another island in Indonesia that is -fingers crossed- not in direct line of sight of fault lines or JI terrorists. It's as far as we're getting this holiday because of a) the very expensive flight of fancy (oooh, must write cheque before credit card charges exorbitant amounts of interest) b)mother being in the North American continent c) we're headed down under for a wedding year end. SO we're staying put.

It's better than my kids having to stay put because they have exams to study for. So, puberty revisited, not so bad. I guess when you've gone through the real thing once, you can selectively avoid the really really bad bits. Well, here's hoping that anyway.

Oh yes, tonight we might be visiting what may turn out to be our surrogate, adopted first born. Stay tuned.

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1 thoughts...

At 12:42 pm Blogger Kay said...

Oh yes, tonight we might be visiting what may turn out to be our surrogate, adopted first born. Stay tuned.

Call me dense, maybe I read through your post too quickly, but are we talking about human or dog species? Can't be cat, right?


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