Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Windy Heights

It's extremely cold this morning. The fans in my apartment are spinning on their on volition and everything's being blown around. According to Weather Underground, we're about 25 degrees today but it feels slightly chillier than that with the wind. We can't call it wind chill here because countries like Canada and well, most of the Northern hemisphere, would laugh at us. But it is chilly.

Haven't had the time to blog since before Christmas. It was a mad rushing around to get everything bought and wrapped- I have come to the conclusion that presents should be able to come self wrapped! It's such a back breaking chore for me, especially since I married someone whose idea of wrapping involves taking the price tag out and giving it to you in the paper bag it came in. For this Christmas, it was the box it came in. I got a baby blue mini IPOD!!!! It's so pretty. And then W and K , gave me Ipod socks to keep my Ipod warm and toasty. Thank you thank you thank you!

That was my favourite Christmas gift this year.

The suckiest one, I think not just for me but for all in South East and South Asia and some parts of Africa were tsunamis that made the ones in the Day After Tomorrow look like a splash in a pool. While I know that there can be many more ways of gaining profit from such a situation that are far worse, I could not help but feel slight outrage at the Australians rushing down to Margaret River in Western Australia, where there the tsunamis tapered off into tidal surges,to catch the waves and surf. Nothing wrong with that actually, but it just sounds incongruous to the tens of thousands of people who are being washed up on shore, dead and bloated and the ones that are going to suffer in the long term because everything round them's been destroyed.

It could be worse I guess. We were talking about responding to the clothes and medical supplies appeals that have been going round. But there is hesitation. There is fear that these are the ploy of an enterprising rag-a-bone man trying to make an extra buck or two out of those who really need help. That it happens, is deplorable. That we are so cynical that we believe it will happen, is sad. I don't know which is worse.

Of course the conspiracy theories have begun to germinate. Indonesia secretly testing nuclear technology on the sea bed near it's most troubled region is one. I'm sure the Church would have their own interpretations as well and most likely along the lines of being smited for something the collective WE have done.

Whatever it is, the death toll leaps by the ten thousands each day and it's been a harsh Christmas for them and it'll definitely be a suckier New Year.

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