Saturday, June 11, 2005

Failed Experiment

Every Friday night, Dan, Terz, Wahj and some other guys get together to be boys and game the night away. Tym and I usually have pilates, have dinner, either hang out together or with other friends till the guys are ready to go home to their wives.

Last night was no different. But instead of having dinner in town, we'd decided that since we finished off early, we'd go somewhere nearer the guys' game den for dinner and take a walk sometime after. Between Parkway Parade, where we had dinner and the den is Joo Chiat- an emblazoned and much publicised red light district.

So, two girls,walking through Joo Chiat- one clothed in pants and a t-shirt and the other, a pair of shorts and a tank top. Perfect ingredients for a real life experiment. Would we actually get mistaken for the famed sex workers and get propositioned? We walked past neon lit , reeking of smoke, liquor and bad karaoke , badly punned pubs like A Gun Pub (A Gun Pop perhaps?) through the Blue Angel and Blue Lagoon...all you needed was the Blue Oyster right out of Police Academy to complete the seedy trinity all the way to the den, rather unscathed. The most surreal thing, a darkened row of shophouses with an errie glow from one of the windows- upon closer inspection, a fish tank with freakishly huge bright orange fish that could bring ships safely into port all by themselves.

Findings- rather quiet for a Friday night. Perhaps it was still early yet, being only half ten close to eleven. There were the two dialect speaking, absolutely hideous looking, smoking men who gave the once over and an over lit coffee shop where bored looking men, mentally undressed you with their eyes and made you feel like you desperately needed a bath to wash off all the grime.

The conclusion. Joo Chiat's been cleaned up because residents complained that prices of their properties have nose dived and their children will grow up with evil thoughts having been brought up in a red light district. It's that or that both Tym and I looked like dogs and failed to garner even the vaguest of interest in a seedy bit of town.

So go figure.

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