Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sex and the City

I know this is a couple of months late, but I finally saw Sex and the City. It took me this long because Packrat had been resisting all this time and I hadn't made it to the cinema with a girl friend in time to catch it. I finally watched it last night on video while watching Packrat roll his eyes just by looking at the back of his head.

It's a girl thing. He hates it as much as I hated the guy flicks he got me to watch. I could see why he did as well, once I got over the pretty clothes and gorgeous wedding gowns. But I must back track a little bit. Packrat hates Sex and the City because of what it stands for. Women, looking for love, being materialistic, whining and being destructive when they are disappointed and don't have their fantasies of being loved on their terms fulfilled. He also hates it because it embodies everything his favourite 'love to hate' columnist in the Straits Times projects and writes about. Her columns which appear on Sunday often involve her whining about being mid-40, unmarried, unloved and therefore unfulfilled. It never fails to make him want to throw something at the paper.

What I can objectively see as a bad thing about the movie and the entire ideal that Sex and the City embodies is the materialism. It seems worse than the Devil Wears Prada, possibly because that makes no qualms to be a movie/book about fashioin. This is about lifestyle and how the Manolos and the Louis Vuitton that is so important that it has to be rented. I have to admit that I'd love to be able to afford the lifestyle and I'm a bit of a sucker for it, as in I will "ooh and ahhh" at it and think it would be great to have some of that but I'm not about to sell my house and home or even my kidney to support such a lifestyle.

But one thing stuck and struck me as appealing. The four girlfriends. Of course Packrat couldn't some of them and I particularly hated one of them, but I loved the idea of it. The idea of girlfriends who were there for one another, come hell or high water was something that I'd always dreamt about. I think it comes from having a diverse group of friends. I have good friends from all over the place but they don't even know one another. That makes it tough to do any sort of girl group thing with them. And I love the idea of dropping everything and going on vacation with my girl friends where we could do spas and nails up the wazoo.

So, while I spent some of the time being irritated at what was going on in the movie, I stuck to it, did not fall asleep, saw how it panned out and gushed and waxed lyrical about female bonding. Of course, by then, Packrat must have felt that he needed to go out, get a few beers and burp very loudly just to ensure that the planets become in alignment again.

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