Saturday, February 14, 2009

The key to my heart

The best way to spend Valentine's Day is not to indulge in the fluff that it is and spend ridiculous amounts of money of flowers that are half dead and food that is half the price on any other given day. Packrat and I generally don't do Valentine's Day. I like doing something but we generally do something anti-valentine's. Like go out for nasi lemak or go for a movie or something where we can remain untouched by the crass commercialism that engulfs the day.

This year is the same. We didn't buy cards for one another although I did get my little cottage industry to churn out some cards for Packrat and the grandparents.

The plan for today is as follows. Go to HDB. Go for lunch. Go to church and then come home to the kids. Possibly go for a late dinner with my bro. But it's a great way to do today because, going to HDB means we are FINALLY on our way to moving out of my in-laws house. And that means better marital relations between the both of us (read: less fighting). Going to church, is also about us because we're signed up for a marriage enrichment course. Going home to the kids, well, that's pretty self-explanatory and having dinner with my bro, well, that's what families do and who said Valentine's Day just had to be about ONE type of love?

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