Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twas the Night before Christmas

There's something in the air tonight. Much akin to November 4th. Facebook's a buzz with most status updates to do with the Inauguration and staying up to catch the swearing in. Mine reads "Ondine is is hoping that Evan will let her watch the Inauguration". The boy has been going through a separation anxiety phase where he wakes in his cot and screeches and is hysterical until we go in and clings onto us for dear life. That means we have to lie with him till he is dead asleep before we move him back to his cot and if we do it prematurely, it will be to our own peril because we have to go back to the drawing board and start all over. So, I'm hoping he'll sleep right through and not need me to lie by him in a darkened room which will lull me to sleep and more importantly, does not have a television set with cable.

Anyway, we're all waiting and biding time in different ways and in our own ways commemorating this bit of history in the making. Packrat wanted me to take a nap so that I'd be up for the actual swearing-in. I refused because I had better things to do. Though it seemed extremely ditzy and unrelated to the inauguration, I needed to watch the last episode of Gilmore Girls. It's been 8 years in the waiting for me and the forty minutes would be just right to bide time before Obama left the White House in the motorcade.

Well, the stars were really in alignment tonight. Even though it's a ditzy mother-daughter tv series and I had absolutely no idea, six degrees of separation was in play here too. Rory in Gilmore leaves at the end of this episode/ series to be a news correspondent and where does her first assignment take her? To cover the Obama campaign. Too cool and too spooky. So she disappears off Gilmore Girls at the end of that episode and is she going to be present on our TV screens as she covers his swearing in? My head swirls in bizarro.

This was like us watching The West Wing Season 7 right up to election day and having some difficulty separating fact from fiction. Incidentally, the Inauguration episode was Tym's choice of pre-inauguration tv. It would have been our choice too but we don't have our copy with us. Anyway, I like my ditzy choice. It reflects me. Seems ditzy, seems too random and unrelated but the tenuous links do exist. Shoot me that I'm not deeper but at least I make no pretence about it and I'm proud of it.

I'm going to prove it later with my next post too. But for now, I think the swearing in's gonna start and well, Break's Over.

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