Monday, January 26, 2009

Bah Humbug

There are many reasons why I couldn't and wouldn't live in China. Chief would be I don't speak the language. Another would be too many bad things happen in China. And one the I came up with the minute I woke up this first day of the Earth Ox year... Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival as they call it is 15 days there.

Every year (well it seems like every year) round about this time, I blog about how much I hate it. So why spoil the tradition?

It wasn't like this all the time. Once upon a time, I did lurve the season because it meant moolah for me. The more homes I visited with my parents, the more moolah I got. When we had to start giving out the moolah, it got more bothersome. I think it was round about that time that I started to hate it as well. Not because I had to give out red packets but because there were expectations of what we had to do and often these expectations were not what we wanted to do on our own volition.

If I had my way, I'd be on a beach right now. My unmarried brother's got it right. He's in Bali, cycling round volcanos. Catch me on New Year morning and I'd be happy to be in the volcano, rather than here. But with the twins, we have to be around. On top of that, my usually westernised, liberal husband insists that this is a tradition he enjoys keeping to and is something our children should learn is expected of them. I guess with that, they are also going to learn that crossing Mommy on the first day of the new year leads to dire dire consequences.

I don't mean to be a party pooper but in my mind, I'd be quite happy to do without the stresses of the season. But that's just me.

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