Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Splat, again!

I've been seeing these mynah birds use my air conditioning compressor unit as a resting perch. They always have twigs in their mouths. Sometimes they leave the twigs on the compressor unit and I'm tempted to reach out and sweep it away but my pregnant belly gets in the way and it really felt like too much trouble for me to keep the outside of my window clean.

I'm glad I didn't. These birds were trying to build a nest. I haven't figured out where but I have surmised that it's a little bit above our compressor unit. Unfortunately, I found out in a very sad way. I happened to look out the window and my eye caught bits of baby blue shell on the unit. Upon closer inspection, it was a cracked egg.

Cracked egg

Although I have very little affinity for birds, I felt extremely sorry for the egg and the parent birds. I do have a sneaking suspicion that it also has to do with the fact that the egg shell is a very pretty shade of blue. But that's just me being ditzy and flippant.

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 17:20

6 thoughts...

6 thoughts...

At 6:38 pm Blogger Mister Wonky said...

i stay in a private residence and my family faces this shit too... maybe u should try getting or making a catapult and shooting paper bullets at the damn mynahs... it's quite fun i guarantee... stress relieving too... hope this helps... :)

At 7:05 pm Blogger Ondine said...

How, pray tell, did you get from my post that I wanted to harm the birds in any way?

At 11:47 pm Blogger Mister Wonky said...

hmmm... from the fact that u tried to sweep away the twigs? from an engineering student's POV, too many twigs could possibly get ur compressor overheated... and that is not good. besides, u did say u have very little affinity for birds, didn't you? :p

At 7:09 am Blogger Packrat said...

I'm guessing that the South Korean dude didn't have an affinity for the students at Virginia Tech.

Does that make it right?

At 9:13 pm Blogger Mister Wonky said...

there's not a very nice link... bird shooter and murderer... hmmm

At 10:11 pm Blogger Packrat said...

Many murderers begin by killing small things.

Which brings me to question, for example, the culling of birds/cats/dogs by our government.

Disturbing trend really.



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