Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The problem with being home for lunch is trying to figure out what to eat without it being too much trouble. I'm lazy to cook up a storm because I'll be cooking up a storm for dinner and I have work to get done by dinner time. So what do I do? Peer into the fridge and see what I had to improvise with.

So what did I find in the fridge?
1. Some left over duck from dinner with my parents on Sunday.
2. Some plain pasta from the last time I had a pasta hankering.
3. Chilli padi.
4. A packet of cheery cherry tomatoes (I just wanted to write that!)
5. Preserved olive leaves (traditionally to be eaten with plain rice porridge)

Hmmm, enough to make a meal. The end product?


Most yummy! Pity there was no green to make the picture even more colourful. I checked, the only thing green in the veg compartment was guava and I wasn't going for a lunch that eclectic.

Now I'm full and reluctant to work.

Oh, I also found a bag of chocolate chips so I'm tempted to bake cookies but work first. These papers need to be graded by 5 pm!

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 14:48

3 thoughts...

3 thoughts...

At 5:57 pm Blogger  said...

I face that problem nearly everyday - making lunch for 1 is not easy!

Hmm... preserved olive leaves and pasta actually sounds very very yummy. Think i might try it!

At 1:02 pm Blogger Tym said...

Your lunch sounds way better than the tuna sandwich I am having today :)

Preserved olive leaves + pasta is a win. Terz would make great pasta dishes with that base.

At 5:53 pm Blogger  said...

guess it's very similar to pasta + pesto, which NAB makes quite often. And is absolutely yummy with tons of melted cheese!


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