Thursday, April 12, 2007

A proportional response

There have been some kind people who have tried to console me about my previously angsty post and basically tell me that I am changing lives and I am making a difference. Packrat's blogged about it from a more serious perspective and the conclusion that the both of us came to is that a) we're not upset because we think it's something we deserve, we're upset because it seems a more self-serving exercise than one that's out of bettering the society b) there's no way that it comes out well no matter how many angles you look at it from.

Anyway, on with life I say. But the cynical teachers that we are, we have to put a spin on it. I mean, after all, it affected us. I have colleagues that hyper-ventilated when they heard the news, others that wanted to throw tomatoes at the television screen, others that could not concentrate on their work for an hour after hearing it. So, the conclusion is that we all have to find a way to get on with life. They've screwed us before, they're screwing us now and they'll screw us again so the easiest thing to do, get on with it.

So, the spin. This came after there was feedback from students that we apparently are not doing enough for them and we should help them more. And the retort we are all using now is "well, I'm only obligated to help you 3 to 5 % more than I used to." So, okay, here's the first letter of the first word of the first sentence of the first point of the first paragraph of the first answer to the first question you asked. If we were given 33% more, mayhaps a third more effort.

Call us mercenary, call us calculative, hate us for not being filled with noble aspirations and a sense of calling and service but hey, we gotta survive. After all, we're all they have.

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