Sunday, May 15, 2005


You know your mother is getting old when you become the adult in the relationship and the voice of reason. Much as I love my mother, she drives me pretty insane at times. Especially when you're holding a huge pile of laundry and holding the phone to your ear with your shoulder.

She's off to Alaska and Canada with the in-laws and it will be her longest holiday since my brother had kids. To say she's thrilled and excited is an understatement. I get SMSes from her getting me to bug my mother in law about their travel itinery. It's not like they are leaving tomorrow, but she needs to know it so that she will know when to pack. The trip's two and a half weeks away, by the way.

So after a 15 minute half shouted conversation over the phone, her lack of hearing yet another sign of age, and a kinked neck with sky rocketing blood pressure, I assure her about 5 times that I will find her a windbreaker that fits, this is after hearing her think out loud to herself about where the 'blue fleece thing that is warm but worn is' and convince her that woollen gloves are as good as not wearing any.

Ah, the peace of a lazy Sunday afternoon shattered by my, all of a sudden hard of hearing, mother who is as thrilled as a school kid on her first field trip and all of a sudden, it dawns on me- how I must have annoyed the living daylights out of her in the Sundays of yore and how this must be my come uppance.

To that, Dan will issue his general ominous warning, also known as the Mother's Curse- "wait till you have kids of your own, ten fold!" Now that is a thought that will fester as I go out and pound the roads in an effort to get that blood pressure back to normal.

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