Monday, May 16, 2005

Dead Man Waiting.

LORELAI: Can you kick when you're in heaven?

LUKE: It's probably frowned upon.

LORELAI: Yeah, plus you're all see-through and gauzy and your dad's foot could go right through him.
Gilmore Girls 2.17 "Dead Uncles and Vegetables"

Once again, I had a strange dream last night. I dreamt I was outside my old college waiting for a cab. I did cab then, a whole lot. Anyhow, there was a cab stand, on the turf by the pedestrian pavement. Weirder and weirder. There were two other people. A kid from a school near by in his uniform and some other guy who had a slightly transparent feel to him. Even in my dream I knew it was impolite to stare but I still continued. I guess manners aren't a big thing in the dream universe. And the two were having a conversation where the boy in school kid fashion quipped "Why does a dead man need a cab for?" And then I realised why he had that transparent, guazy feel to him. The man was dead.

When I woke up this morning, I wondered why I had dreamt of a dead man waiting for a cab. Then it started raining and I had to call for a cab. It was a record feat for me to be ready by half six and I sat there, with the phone once again held to my ear by my shoulder and reading the newspapers. I know Monday is always a slow news day, but seriously, when you finish the paper and you're still on hold, you know you're in trouble and the cab company isn't quite ready to give you a cab. 0710 hrs. "Thank you for waiting. A customer service officer will be with you shortly". Argh! So it was a premonition. Death comes before a cab, especially on a raining Monday morning.

Humph. Much annoyed.
It's Monday and I guess I have some right to be annoyed. Consolation is it is the last week of teachinig this term. But the bummer is this week is going to be shitty and the way the week turns out is often predicated by how Monday mornings are.
Last night was good though. I tried making rice pilaf but it sort of turned out a little bit more risotto like. Yummy all the same. I christened it risolaf- initially, I thought pisotto but Lisa Montgomery claimed he wouldn't go near it because it sounded like I cooked it with piss. So, point taken, risolaf it is. Although it sounds like something eaten by Olaf the Troll. Oh well. All the good names were taken as it were and as we all know, I'm not good at coming up with names.
Dan bought Joan of Acardia recently and we sat down to watch it. It had a strange feel to it. Only half way through the show, I realised why. It was about a family, a complete one, with a dad, a mom, an elder (albeit paraplegic) brother, a younger geek brother and Joan in the middle. Says a lot but I'm not used to normal families on television anymore. Some bits were hysterically funny, especially her conversations with God, some bits a little bit Picket Fences-ish, with wonderful dialogue although not as neurotic as Gilmore Girls and heartwarming. Not for those who enjoy macabre, blood, gore and scandal. Yet another series to follow. Our DVD shelf is going to be bursting at its seams soon.
So a long ramble with many references showing how much television I watch when I should actually be marking. That's why my mom banned me from watching television in primary school. Homework did not get done and tests were unsatisfactory. Now, the papers have been left ungraded and the squibbles on the scripts are evidence of a distracted mind, worshipping at the alter of the iridescent screen.

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